Choose to Live: Sisters Strong Together Health Expo

Monday, July 18, 2016 — Please join us September 10th Choose to Live: Sisters Strong Together Health Expo.  This program is designed to help women take charge of their health. We talk about why, as women, we sometimes don't take care of ourselves. This event will help us learn ways to take better care of ourselves, which in the end will help our families, friends, our co-workers, church families and our community. The event will focus on what we can do to take charge of our health and our own lives, and then take better care of others.

When: September 10th

What: Choose to Live Women’s Health Expo

Where: Methodist Health System (Hitt Auditorium)  1441 N. Beckley, Dallas, TX 75203

Who: Women of all ages as young at 12

Our main message for this event summed up in the word sisters:

S means start now!
I reminds us to ID or identify ways to exercise
S is for staying focused
T means take the pledge
E is for educating ourselves
R means rally your support group
S is for stop diabetes