Claudia Melton Music Release Testimonial Request

Claudia Melton Music Release Testimonial Request

Claudia Melton's "3 Words"

Friday, October 27, 2017 — Independent artist and soloist Claudia Melton releases "3 Words". 

Music Influencer, 

I wanted to reach out to let you know that working on "3 Words" has been a pleasure and awaking of my soul. It's DJ's and influencers like you that make music reach the masses and I would appreciate your review of my single "3 Words". 

When someone takes the time to talk about a positive experience, it speaks volumes. And so I would like to request a small favor from you -- a music testimonial that will give others a sense of The Claudia Melton Experience.

I strive to provide such excellence with each and every lyric, and I sincerely hope that this describes your experiences with "3 Words". Your testimonial can be as short or as long as you like. It is valuable to my future singles and, just as importantly, allows me to keep on improving the level of music I provide. Feel free to e-mail your testimonial to me at

I sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to vibing with you for years to come.

Claudia Melton