Madelyn Brené blows away audience during EP release of “All of Me”

Singer/Songstress Madelyn Brené showcased her extraordinary musical artistry during her EP album release concert this past Saturday evening at the Geometric Madi Museum.

Thursday, April 23, 2015 — As soon as guests entered the Uptown Dallas located Geometric Madi Museum, they were catapulted into a glamourous and jazz inspired atmosphere reminiscent of the roaring twenties. Photographers on the red carpet added to the ambiance by taking pictures of guests, VIPs and of the one and only Madelyn Brené. Attendees enjoyed light bites, cocktails and the southern charm of hostess Misty Romano.

As the anticipation reached its peak, Madelyn came on stage in a gorgeous purple form fitted dress by Atlanta designer Reco Chapple that accentuated her feminine curves in the most flattering way possible. After a brief welcome she opened up the concert with her hit single “Invoice” which treats the topic of writing the next woman an invoice for upgrading a man while being in a relationship with him. Madelyn’s purpose is undeniably to be on stage, she knows exactly how to work the crowd as she did by showcasing her impressive 5 octave vocal register more than once throughout her performance. The connection between audience and artist was immediately established. Fans were singing, clapping, and dancing to her songs on several occasions. Certainly the most impressive aspect of her concert was how the singer transformed personal experiences into songs so touching and heart-felt that each and every one present was able to relate regardless of age, gender, or socio-cultural background.

Accompanied by her premier live band the songs were given the chance to breathe and impromptu little jokes kept the audience engaged. The songwriter is tremendously influenced by the 90’s and therefore also performed some of her favorite songs such as “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer and “I’m your Baby” by Whitney Houston. She concluded the concert with “All of Me” the first song she actually wrote of the entire EP.

Her EP is entitled “All of Me” and the singer successfully gave her audience the opportunity to experience just who Madelyn Brené is on and off stage. We will hear and see more of Madelyn Brené as she is getting ready to perform all across the U.S. this summer and fall season. Her EP “All of Me” is available on CDbaby , iTunes and all other digital download sites.


Set list performed: *represents Madelyn Brené original





Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer)

Tell me (Groove Theory)

I’m your Baby (Whitney Houston)

Smells like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)


*All off Me

Madelyn Brene AK 47

Background Singers (Photo Credits: Cosign Magazine)
Fan with autographed CD (Photo Credits: Cosign Magazine)
Inside the Geometric Madi Museum (Photo Credits: Tasha Wright)
Live-Band (Photo Credits: Cosign Magazine)
Madelyn Brené (Photo Credits: Cosign Magazine)
Madelyn Brené in her element (Photo Credits: Tasha Wright)
Madelyn Brené with Hostess Misty Romano (Photo Credits: Tasha Wright)
Madelyn Brené working the crowd (Photo Credits: Tasha Wright)
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